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Whitepaper: Payroll cycle data leads to bigger paydays for retailers
Article: Balancing short- & long-term expectations for Asia
Article: Eurobond debut opens global markets for Kenyan borrowers
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19 Sep 14      Greater devolution and move towards federalism likely to follow Scotland's rejection of independence from UK
18 Sep 14      Ford links up with Automatic Labs to deliver Siri voice control
18 Sep 14      Selangor political crisis likely to weaken Malaysian opposition and reduce government pressure to liberalise politically
17 Sep 14      Risks of political instability and protests elevate in Hong Kong as Beijing places restrictions on democracy

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23 Sep 14
IHS North American E&P Company Benchmarking Workshop
24 Sep 14
Around the World: IHS Automotive Sales and Production Webcast: North America and Europe Session
24 Sep 14
Around the World: IHS Automotive Sales and Production Webcast: Asia Session
25 Sep 14
IHS Integrated Energy Research Briefing - Houston
1 Oct 14
IHS Energy Climate Strategy Dialogue - Calgary Member Event
21 Oct 14
The Operating Costs Analysis Service
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